The Professional Spiel

Hello! My name is Lynn Swayze-Hall, but you can call me Elle. (It's short for Elisheva, my Hebrew name, as well as the letter of my first name, Lynn.) Professionally, I'm a web developer, direct response copywriter, and marketing funnel builder. I've worked in both corporate and freelance environments since 2012. I love working on projects that serve the greater good but are also super busy, fast paced, and collaborative.

Tech-wise, I've worked as a Technical Team Lead for helpdesk impelentations, as an Application Developer on a few software projects, and as a Technical Writer for a Salesforce impelementation project.

Marketing-wise, I've written copy for marketers such as John Bowen (CEG Worldwide), Mike Weiss (Client Engagement Academy), Jason Hanson (Spy Escape & Evasion, Celebrity Method), Kevin Rogers (Copy Chief), and more. This has involved a lot of sales funnel copywriting, lead magnet creation, funnel design, content marketing, and email copywriting.

I'm an autodidact, and so have amassed quite a few certifications over the past 7 years. Here are a few of the badges/certifications I've earned. These trainings have helped me bring value to my clients and move projects forward profitably.

Hubspot Email Marketing

Hubspot Sales Software

ITIL Foundations V3

Microsoft Database Fundamentals

Digital Marketer - Copywriting

Digital Marketer - Content Marketing

Hubspot Content Marketing

Hubspot Inbound Marketing

Digital Marketer - Customer Value Optimization

Digital Marketer - Email Marketing

Digital Marketer - Optimization

Digital Marketer - Search Engine Marketing


My academic pursuits vary widely. I am most interested in politics, propaganda, philosophy, linguistics, computer science, history, and religion. I also have a soft spot for family law reform.

Language Learning

I dabble in languages and linguistics in my spare time. I am often actively learning, speaking, writing, and listening to several side langauges at a time. I love talking about linguistics and language learning, and you'll find many articles about language learning, being a polyglot, and more on my blog. My long-term goal is obtain an advanced degree in computational linguistics, and to work on projects using my related skills in technology and linguistics to make the world better. Click one of the images below to follow my progress on each language.

How to Work With Me

I'm often working on projects - either for clients or myself - and so I am sometimes tough to get a hold of. If you'd like to reach me, the best way to do it is to connect via LinkedIn or UpWork and send a message there. I am open for guest post opportunities, small web or marketing projects, and general business consulting.

One thing to note is I manage my projects through Upwork. Upwork handles payment processing, client-consultant accountability, and time logging. I am open to other forms of payment and project management if you are an established firm with a robust team and a history of hiring freelance consultants AND if you're willing to provide testimonials or case studies upon project completion.

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